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Growth Hack

When you start to grow your followers its really important to start with a local audience. A lot of people think in order to get big gains you have to target huge hashtags and already famous pages. This way of thinking is outdated and ineffective. The best way to get consistent growth is to start with your own network of followers. Follow, like, and comment on the people in your current follower circle.

When these local follower get the notifications from you they will see “1 mutual follower” to start and over a few days and weeks it will soon be “10 to 20 mutual followers.” This internal networking builds up a huge trust factor and get you the best follow back ratio ever. On average people that reach out to only 100 people a day can expect to see 50-80 followers in return. The best part is this only takes 3-8min a day on instagram to see this type of growth!


Recommended Schedule: 

Day 1: Follow 50 people in the morning. *wait 1-2 hours* follow 50 more people.

Day 2: Unfollow 100 people in the morning, Follow 100 more people in the evening.

Day 3: Repeat the process.

IMPORTANT: Limit each follow/unfollow session to 30-50 actions. Doing 100 follows/unfollows without any delays can results in an “Action Block” from instagram. 

NOTE: Instagram puts limits on how many people you can reach out to in a day. Do not follow more than 200 people in a 24 hour cycle.